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I am facing the following exception can anyone please help me. And also tell me where should place the database(MySql/Oracle/hsqldb ... ) driver jar C:\portal2\uPortal-3.1.1-quick-start\uPortal-3.1.1>ant initportal Buildfile: build.xml prodPrompt: initportal: [echo] Initializing uPortal checkForTomcat: deploy-ear: install-parent-pom: [artifact:pom] Downloading: org/jasig/jasig-parent/10/jasig-parent-10.pom from c entral [artifact:pom] Downloading... [read more]

Thu, May 28 at 12:21AM (0 comments)

Holly Coast posted Conference pictures?

I saw a few people taking pictures at the various social events during the conference. Has anybody uploaded any of them anywhere? I've looked around at the conference site, wiki, etc., and haven't found any yet (other than just one from Sunday's PowerPoint Karaoke).

John Fereira: Go to and search on jasigstpaul08. That is the tag that everyone was told to use for photo sharing, blogs, etc.
Holly Coast: Oh, THERE they are! Thanks, John!

Thu, May 8 at 10:14AM (2 comments)

Mark Rogers posted Banner Lunch

I really enjoyed meeting the Banner folks over lunch today. Thanks. If anyone is making a Banner slash JA-SIG list, my email address is mark underscore rogers at umanitoba dot ca and/or mark underscore rogers at mac dot com

Susan Bramhall: Sorry I missed it. Were there any notes posted from the BOF? I know the conference committee was hoping BOF notes would make it onto the wiki but not sure we followed through on providing space and instructions.

Wed, Apr 30 at 5:22AM (1 comment)

Matthew Rolf left a note for Andrew Petro

Issues to discuss? Let's see - why I have pluto issues when I try to start up tomcat after getting a successful build. :)

Tue, Apr 29 at 11:28PM

Andrew Petro left a note for Aaron Fuleki

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's uPortal seminar.

Tue, Apr 29 at 8:41PM

Andrew Petro left a note for Mark Rogers

Glad you've decided to join in the uPortal seminar tomorrow. Most of the seminar will use the Quickstart, but you've mentioned you're particularly interested in the building custom and installing into Tomcat pieces, and this will be demonstrated and discussed some.

Tue, Apr 29 at 8:40PM

Andrew Petro left a note for Matthew Rolf

Looking forward to tomorrow's uPortal seminar. It's not too late to let me know if there's anything you're particularly keen on discussing in the seminar.

Tue, Apr 29 at 8:39PM

Aaron Fuleki left a note

BOF space looked full, but Jenn said she would set a side a lunch table for us today. Look for the "Banner" sign if you're interested!

Tue, Apr 29 at 8:04AM

John Fereira posted Going over to DLF today

My boss and I are going over to DLF during lunch today to meet some people. If anyone else is going we can share a cab. We'll be in the lobby just after the 11:30am session this morning.

Michele Kimpton: Hi John- I might try and join you. Look for me in the lobby. Are you having lunch here? Michele

Tue, Apr 29 at 7:40AM (1 comment)

Aaron Fuleki left a note

Cool. Should we use the open BOF slot tomorrow? I can post something on the whiteboard.

Tue, Apr 29 at 6:35AM

Drew Wills left a note

Matthew --

Yep, I'll be posting them. I believe all presentations from the conference will make it there eventually.

Thanks for the interest!

Tue, Apr 29 at 5:59AM

Mark Rogers posted Mall of America

And if anyone would like to go to the Mall of America tomorrow night (Tuesday), I'm all in. Contact me. I look like this. I am thinking of going over by bus from the hotel.

Mon, Apr 28 at 8:25PM (0 comments)

Susan Bramhall left a note for Aaron Fuleki

I'd join too.

Mon, Apr 28 at 6:59PM

Mark Rogers posted Banner BOF

I would also be interested in a Banner (and/or Luminis) BOF.

Susan Bramhall: I would also be interested. We are doing some work with Banner integration. Someone from SunGard mentioned that they may have some portlets (or channels?) that could used outside the Luminis distribution.

Mon, Apr 28 at 6:57PM (1 comment)

Bob Finch left a note for Aaron Fuleki

I'd go for a Banner BOF, beer's good too :)

Mon, Apr 28 at 6:23PM

Matthew Rolf left a note for Drew Wills

Will you be posting your presentation materials from the myJohnHopkins presentation?

Mon, Apr 28 at 2:45PM

Matthew Rolf left a note for Nate Angell

ha ha, yes!

Mon, Apr 28 at 12:20PM

Nate Angell left a note for Matthew Rolf

what is faux twittering? is that where you think up 140char statements, but don't post them? ;)

Mon, Apr 28 at 10:59AM

does anyone at #jasigstpaul08 have a mac miniDVI-to-VGA dongle/adapter I can borrow 2-3pm in Governors III room?

Mon, Apr 28 at 10:57AM (0 comments)

Matthew Rolf left a note

Is there a conference IRC channel or other chat resource? Or are we just faux twittering?

Mon, Apr 28 at 8:13AM

Aaron Fuleki left a note

Sweet - maybe we can try a BOF, or just grab some beer some evening?

Any other Banner folks in the woodwork?

Mon, Apr 28 at 8:11AM

Mark Rogers left a note for Aaron Fuleki

We are a Banner school, and are using the Luminis version of uPortal. Even though we have Luminis, we haven't as yet done much of the Banner integration with the portal. I'd be happy to exchange notes with you at the conference.

Sat, Apr 26 at 8:34PM

Bob Finch left a note for Aaron Fuleki

WWU is a Banner institution. We've got a handful of Banner channels running in uPortal 2.6.0.

Sat, Apr 26 at 7:49PM

Aaron Godert posted Tuesday Evening Dine-Around

For folks looking for a fun way to network with a little bit of anonymity thrown in, you should check out the new Tuesday Evening Dine-Around activity. Basically, you sign up to eat at a restaurant of your choice, but you don't know who else you'll be eating with. Show up, meet people, share a good meal, make some new connections, and most importantly, have fun!!! Following this activity, there will be a party at the Great Waters Brewing Company ... [read more]

Anthony Colebourne: I arrive early afternoon Saturday, I'm up for a drink or two at Great Waters Saturday night.
John Fereira: Here is the web site for the Great Waters Brewing Co. The address and lots of other information are on the web site. I'm not sure what I'll be doing for dinner Saturday but I was thinking I'd probably walk over there aro... [read more]
Aaron Fuleki: My flight gets in around 8 - if folks will still be there post 9pm, I'll wander over as well.

Sat, Apr 26 at 11:58AM (8 comments)

Aaron Fuleki left a note

Are there any uPortal adopters attending who are also Banner institutions? We're re-interested in exploring the Banner APIs, and wondered if anyone had any experience with them.

Sat, Apr 26 at 7:10AM

John left a note for George Adams

George, nice picture!

Thu, Apr 17 at 11:13AM

Jason Shao posted Humble Community

I notice the tag cloud for "Interested In" is much larger than "Expert In" guess we're a humble community, even if I suspect some of those expertise tags should be much bigger.

Mark Rogers: Jason, I filled in my "Expert In" section, just for you. I would have included a more specific answer if the section had been entitled "Master Of" ... if you know what I mean. ;-) Mark
Jason Shao: hmmm... "the Universe" seems less than humble... unless you know something I don't know...
Mark Rogers: I think the old saying goes something like "Jack of all trades, Master of none".

Tue, Apr 15 at 10:24PM (3 comments)

Typically when I have attended JA-SIG conferences in the past I like to take the opportunity to visit the area a day early and participate in one of my hobbies; sea kayaking. As the water will likely be too cold this time of year I was planning on doing one of my other hobbies; Geocaching. The Twin Cities area is somewhat notable in the geocaching community as it is the home of a geocacher named "King Boreas". He holds the distinction as the pers... [read more]

Bryan Butler: Sounds like a fun way to a city. Count me in.

Tue, Apr 15 at 5:13AM (1 comment)

Mark Rogers posted Wild

I am kind of hoping that a) the Wild will still be in the playoffs at the end of April, b) that a game is going on at the time of the conference, c) that I can get tickets, and d) that someone will want to take it in with me and talk IdM, with the talking IdM part not being mandatory. ;-) Mark.

Jennifer Cummings: It would be nice if the Wild were still playing but unfortunately they will not be, because the Avs will have knocked them out of the playoffs by that point already. GO AVS!!!
Bryan Butler: If a, b and c work out - I'm up for d (minus the idM part).

Tue, Apr 15 at 4:54AM (2 comments)

John Fereira left a note for Jim Helwig

I know that at past conferences you have been part of informal for a meetup of JA-SIG runners to go out for a morning jog. In the next couple of weeks the planning committee will be adding some information about potential extra-curricular activities on the conference wiki ( but I thought this would be a good place for anyone interested to leave a comment and do some planning.

Tue, Apr 8 at 4:17AM

One of the topics that is really catching my attention (and the attention of many others, apparently) is "portlets". And unfortunately for me, I won't be able to take in the course being offered by Unicon on that subject following the conference. I wish I could, but my schedule just won't allow it. On the other hand, I have been finding myself knee deep in alligators (is that a saying?) of late, with our new IdM project on the horizon and all ...... [read more]

Andrew Petro: Thanks for mentioning the training Unicon's offering, and sorry to hear you won't be able to join in. Maybe you can tack on a day before the conference and do the intro and advanced Spring PortletMVC seminars on Sunday?
Mark Rogers: Yes, I would love to attend the Spring Portlet MVC seminars but won't be getting in until around 5:30 pm and can't get there any earlier. I hope we'll get a chance to chat some time during the conference.

Sat, Apr 5 at 8:21PM (2 comments)